715 Restaurant Feature

715 Restaurant is a trendy, European-style neighborhood restaurant and bar located in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas that offers simple, fresh, handmade Central Italian cuisine at an affordable price. During the Fall and Winter, 715 restaurant makes a shift in their delectable offerings, as they make use of freshly harvested ingredients of the season. To celebrate the seasons and their new arrivals, I designed a seasonal brand experience campaign that complimented their current identity. The redesign went hand-in-hand with the branding and packaging for its new microbrewery,  715 Brewery.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Menu Redesign
  • Seasonal (Fall) Packaging
  • Seasonal (Winter) Packaging



The Process:

The designs for the seasonal campaign began with 715's stated commitment of producing organic, fresh handmade food. I wanted to explore the idea of organic and handmade through the visual appearance of hand illustration and lettering. To reach the end goal I played with hand drawn brush lettering/illustrations, handmade ink stamping and digitally designed/treated graphics. It was also important that packaging materials used were environmentally conscious. Thus I utilized biodegradable paper bags and chipboard boxes instead of plastic or styrofoam.

715 Sketches