american royal billboardAmerican Royal is a two week long event in Kansas City with bbq competitions, horse/ livestock shows, live music and much more. The goal of the events is to increase awareness and appreciation of local agriculture. I designed an integrated campaign to promote and brand the 36th Annual American Royal. Project deliverables included branding, print and digital advertising, event signage and tshirts. Furthermore, the cross platform deliverables were specifically designed to change current brand perceptions that the event was just about BBQ.

Complete Deliverables:

  • 3 Event Posters (18"x21")
  • Billboard
  • Full Color Magazine Ad (Fullpage)
  • Black & White Newspaper Ad (Quarterpage)
  • Digital Event Passes
  • Digital Ad
  • BBQ Take Home Packaging
  • Merchandizing Tshirts
  • Koozies
  • Event/Stage Signage

The Process

With this project I chose a straightforward rustic color palette that embodied the agriculture nature of the event and paired it with a cyan color. For the logo treatment, I wanted to keep the design very organic, so I manipulated a font to give it  a vintage wooden appearance. And from the finalized logo I created a pattern that would lay in the background of the design to create depth in the piece. From visual research of the rodeo shows I was inspired by the movement of the horses and bulls and utilized movement in the logo and arrangement of typography. In the main event poster type follows the motion of the bull and the rider. For the copy, I tried to keep it very informative and straightforward, while also bringing in some fun phrases, such as, "Don't be a lazy cow."