December 2, 2016

Cold Fusion Coffee Shop

coldfusion-animationCold Fusion Brand Elements

Cold Fusion is a brand that promotes the craftsmanship of organic cold brew and traditional coffee. The business embraces and experiments with the new and old techniques of brewing to deliver the perfect cup. Retro inspired patterns, a caffeinated color palette and playful typography comprises the brand to communicate a fun, approachable, scientific take on coffee.

Cold Fusion Storefront

Cold Fusion Interior
Cold Fusion Travel Cups




November 15, 2016

715 Brewery

715-brewery715 Brewery is a quirky micro brewing company located in Lawrence, Kansas with a commitment to quality crafted, flavorful beers made from traditional ingredients sourced from local farms. Lawrence is a market filled with restaurants with microbreweries and 715 restaurant is poised to join them. 715 Brewery continues the 715 branding story while emphasizing the playful spirit of the Lawrence community.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Brewery and Beer Branding
  • Bottle Packaging
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App



715 Brewery Bottles715_website715_app_mockup

The Process

My process started with the 715 brewery branding. The challenge with this project was developing a separate system that still complimented 715 Restaurant branding. Since 715 inspires to produce quality handcrafted beer from organic ingredients sourced locally, I wanted the branding to represent that idea of handcrafted and community. Going with the idea of handcrafted I zeroed in on a hand drawn aesthetic, which would carry over to all the beers as well. The creation of the beer personas was a fun exploration of illustration design. Each character represented a trait of the Lawrence community. And the accompanying logotype treatments were crafted to embody the beer personas. Once the branding was done I developed the bottle and beer carrier packaging. And then expanded the project with web and app design.

715 Brewery Sketches

715 Beer Sketches

March 31, 2016

Resonate Music Festival


The Campaign

Resonate Music Festival is an annual three night Electronic Dance Music festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. Resonate is sponsored by Google and raises money for the nonprofit, Charity: Water. The object of this project was to design an integrated campaign including festival branding/signage, digital assets and merchandise. Digital assets included the festival website, mobile app, web banner ad and iTunes Banner.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Stage Banners/Graphics
  • Festival Website
  • Mobile Festival App
  • Vertical Web Banner Ad
  • Billboard
  • iTunes Banner
  • Event Staff Shirts and Passes
  • Merchandize Tshirts
  • Merchandize Koozies




Resonate Music Festival Tshirts

The Process

The creation of the branding was a fun yet challenging design process. The goal for the festival branding was to tie in the colorful nature of the music with the liquid nature of the nonprofit Charity: Water. My original ideas and sketches either focused too much on water color aesthetics or came off too corporate looking. After a lot of additional concepting I reach two strong directions. The final direction encompassed the resonating vibe of the festival with a unique and versatile wordmark. I choose this direction because it was strong rather it was encasing fun bright colors or if it was plain white on a colored background. This direction was also simple and legible, which was another important factor.

March 4, 2016

Kazoom Beverages


Kazoom is a fun children's beverage company with a focus on helping families live happy, healthy lives. Beverage flavors include Blue Raspberry, Kiwi, Cherry and Strawberry. The beverages have robust fruity flavors kids love with vitamins and limited sugar so parents can rest assured. The scope of the branding project included developing the identity/packaging, a monthly publication, a website and an interactive in-store kiosk. All of the Kazoom components, exemplify the company's belief in providing healthy products and fun resources parents can use.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Branding
  • Product Packaging
  • Retail Bag
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • eCommerce Website
  • Monthly Publication
  • Merchandizing Tshirts

Kazoom Drink Mixes


Kazoom Website


I designed a responsive website that encompasses all of the needs for the playful company. A blog component for parents who are looking for fun activities and healthy kid friendly recipes. An online retail space for convenient purchasing. And a game center for kids to play fun learning games. Kazoom is about helping parents maintain a happy, healthy family, and this website shows their fun and playful approach. Kazoom website prototype can be viewed here.


Interactive Kiosk Walkthrough

The Process

The creation of the product mascots was a fun exploration of character design. Each little monster was based on one of the fruit beverages. So I started the character design by sketching the different fruits and playing with giving them human elements. Once the branding was done I developed the product packaging and retail bag.

When it comes to children's products, the mascots really are the stars and this was exemplified in my use of the characters in the playful packaging design. Most of the product boxes have a front opening around the characters mouth that can be pulled to get the drink packets inside. And the retail bag utilized a transparent mouth as a fun way to showcase the products within.

A major obstacle for the digital components of the campaign was developing an effective user experience. I spent a lot of time testing the user experience and redesigning the user interface to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. The solution for this involved redesigning navigation elements and rearranging certain elements. Another big element was designing the website for a responsive environment. The final components were interactive pieces that were fun, informative and easy to use.

November 28, 2015

American Royal

american royal billboardAmerican Royal is a two week long event in Kansas City with bbq competitions, horse/ livestock shows, live music and much more. The goal of the events is to increase awareness and appreciation of local agriculture. I designed an integrated campaign to promote and brand the 36th Annual American Royal. Project deliverables included branding, print and digital advertising, event signage and tshirts. Furthermore, the cross platform deliverables were specifically designed to change current brand perceptions that the event was just about BBQ.

Complete Deliverables:

  • 3 Event Posters (18"x21")
  • Billboard
  • Full Color Magazine Ad (Fullpage)
  • Black & White Newspaper Ad (Quarterpage)
  • Digital Event Passes
  • Digital Ad
  • BBQ Take Home Packaging
  • Merchandizing Tshirts
  • Koozies
  • Event/Stage Signage

The Process

With this project I chose a straightforward rustic color palette that embodied the agriculture nature of the event and paired it with a cyan color. For the logo treatment, I wanted to keep the design very organic, so I manipulated a font to give it  a vintage wooden appearance. And from the finalized logo I created a pattern that would lay in the background of the design to create depth in the piece. From visual research of the rodeo shows I was inspired by the movement of the horses and bulls and utilized movement in the logo and arrangement of typography. In the main event poster type follows the motion of the bull and the rider. For the copy, I tried to keep it very informative and straightforward, while also bringing in some fun phrases, such as, "Don't be a lazy cow."