November 28, 2015

Design Speak Vol. 6

design-speak-5Interviewed and designed a two-spread layout on, graphic and motion designer, Jacob Burghart from Brockton Creative Group. I designed the spreads with inspiration from his work while adding my own design elements. This project showcases my love of grids, color and character illustration. Since there was a lot of great visuals from the designer's commercials and animations, I strategically laid out my spreads using a grid that would adequately showcase those visuals. The grid and use of color helps connect both spreads. And since Jacob designs a lot of character illustration, I wanted to kick off the opening spread with a fullpage illustration of Jacob fighting off a bull. I designed the illustration in a similar tone to his Frankie Farelane's animation. My spread was selected to be included in Design Speak Volume 6. Design Speak is an annual publication comprised of interviews of professionals in the Graphic Design and Advertising industries.





See below to flip through Design Speak: Volume 6 to view all the interviews that made the book.

November 28, 2015

American Royal

american royal billboardAmerican Royal is a two week long event in Kansas City with bbq competitions, horse/ livestock shows, live music and much more. The goal of the events is to increase awareness and appreciation of local agriculture. I designed an integrated campaign to promote and brand the 36th Annual American Royal. Project deliverables included branding, print and digital advertising, event signage and tshirts. Furthermore, the cross platform deliverables were specifically designed to change current brand perceptions that the event was just about BBQ.

Complete Deliverables:

  • 3 Event Posters (18"x21")
  • Billboard
  • Full Color Magazine Ad (Fullpage)
  • Black & White Newspaper Ad (Quarterpage)
  • Digital Event Passes
  • Digital Ad
  • BBQ Take Home Packaging
  • Merchandizing Tshirts
  • Koozies
  • Event/Stage Signage

The Process

With this project I chose a straightforward rustic color palette that embodied the agriculture nature of the event and paired it with a cyan color. For the logo treatment, I wanted to keep the design very organic, so I manipulated a font to give it  a vintage wooden appearance. And from the finalized logo I created a pattern that would lay in the background of the design to create depth in the piece. From visual research of the rodeo shows I was inspired by the movement of the horses and bulls and utilized movement in the logo and arrangement of typography. In the main event poster type follows the motion of the bull and the rider. For the copy, I tried to keep it very informative and straightforward, while also bringing in some fun phrases, such as, "Don't be a lazy cow."

October 11, 2015

Envy Rebrand

Envy Retail BagsThe Project

Envy, is a clothing boutique store targeted to young women interested in trendy and fashionable clothing. As part of a rebranding campaign, I redesigned the store’s logo and retail packaging. Envy's moto is to help young women stand out and be trendsetters in fashionable clothing. The new visual identity utilizes a simple yet versatile logo paired with eye catching patterns and color. The new retail bags also serve the function as advertisement for the store as it brings attention to the brand name and website. Lastly, I designed an online advertising campaign to promote their brand and specials that was targeted toward young women.


Envy Digital Ads

The Process

Since I was pretty far from the store's intended shopper, this design process involved a lot of consumer research. I spent a lot of time looking into their consumer base and researching their competitors. My initial concepts and color palette were all scrapped due to its youthful appeal. My original retail bag designs came off as a candy store or young girls store. The patterns I had originally used also didn't capture user's attention either. So I spent sometime studying a lot of textile/clothing patterns and concepting more ideas. After the additional research and concepting, I came upon a new color palette and patterns that stood out and had the more mature appeal I wanted. Since I was utilizing bold patterns, I kept the logo simple with a clean serif font that I tailored for the store. The balance between the bold and clean, simple elements of the branding reflect the store's approach to fashion clothing.

The Advertising Strategy

The goal of the advertising campaign was to increase sales by promoting their current promotions and increase brand awareness. I specifically utilized buzzwords such as “upstage” or “bold” in the ad copy to reflect the brand’s fashion forward tone. Since the target consumer spends a lot of time online and connected to social media, I proposed advertising digitally. Ads would strategically run on popular blogs and websites that appeal to the consumer.

April 19, 2015

715 Restaurant Seasonal Branding

715 Restaurant Feature

715 Restaurant is a trendy, European-style neighborhood restaurant and bar located in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas that offers simple, fresh, handmade Central Italian cuisine at an affordable price. During the Fall and Winter, 715 restaurant makes a shift in their delectable offerings, as they make use of freshly harvested ingredients of the season. To celebrate the seasons and their new arrivals, I designed a seasonal brand experience campaign that complimented their current identity. The redesign went hand-in-hand with the branding and packaging for its new microbrewery,  715 Brewery.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Menu Redesign
  • Seasonal (Fall) Packaging
  • Seasonal (Winter) Packaging



The Process:

The designs for the seasonal campaign began with 715's stated commitment of producing organic, fresh handmade food. I wanted to explore the idea of organic and handmade through the visual appearance of hand illustration and lettering. To reach the end goal I played with hand drawn brush lettering/illustrations, handmade ink stamping and digitally designed/treated graphics. It was also important that packaging materials used were environmentally conscious. Thus I utilized biodegradable paper bags and chipboard boxes instead of plastic or styrofoam.

715 Sketches

November 18, 2014

Paul Rand Exhibition

Designed a promotional campaign for the Paul Rand exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Campaign captured the fun whimsical side of the famous american designer. Exhibition poster and book to be sold in the gift shop.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Exhibition Poster (18"x21")
  • Invitation and Envelope
  • Pole Banners
  • Exhibition Book
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter Header

The Process

After researching the designer, I concepted poster designs that merged his range of design styles while adding my own spin. Once, the poster and book cover design was done, I extended the visual identity to other promotional pieces.

The Paul Rand book is a graphical look at the life and career of, Paul Rand, one of the biggest influencers of twentieth-century American design.