November 15, 2016

715 Brewery

715-brewery715 Brewery is a quirky micro brewing company located in Lawrence, Kansas with a commitment to quality crafted, flavorful beers made from traditional ingredients sourced from local farms. Lawrence is a market filled with restaurants with microbreweries and 715 restaurant is poised to join them. 715 Brewery continues the 715 branding story while emphasizing the playful spirit of the Lawrence community.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Brewery and Beer Branding
  • Bottle Packaging
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App



715 Brewery Bottles715_website715_app_mockup

The Process

My process started with the 715 brewery branding. The challenge with this project was developing a separate system that still complimented 715 Restaurant branding. Since 715 inspires to produce quality handcrafted beer from organic ingredients sourced locally, I wanted the branding to represent that idea of handcrafted and community. Going with the idea of handcrafted I zeroed in on a hand drawn aesthetic, which would carry over to all the beers as well. The creation of the beer personas was a fun exploration of illustration design. Each character represented a trait of the Lawrence community. And the accompanying logotype treatments were crafted to embody the beer personas. Once the branding was done I developed the bottle and beer carrier packaging. And then expanded the project with web and app design.

715 Brewery Sketches

715 Beer Sketches

November 28, 2015

Design Speak Vol. 6

design-speak-5Interviewed and designed a two-spread layout on, graphic and motion designer, Jacob Burghart from Brockton Creative Group. I designed the spreads with inspiration from his work while adding my own design elements. This project showcases my love of grids, color and character illustration. Since there was a lot of great visuals from the designer's commercials and animations, I strategically laid out my spreads using a grid that would adequately showcase those visuals. The grid and use of color helps connect both spreads. And since Jacob designs a lot of character illustration, I wanted to kick off the opening spread with a fullpage illustration of Jacob fighting off a bull. I designed the illustration in a similar tone to his Frankie Farelane's animation. My spread was selected to be included in Design Speak Volume 6. Design Speak is an annual publication comprised of interviews of professionals in the Graphic Design and Advertising industries.





See below to flip through Design Speak: Volume 6 to view all the interviews that made the book.

November 18, 2014

Paul Rand Exhibition

Designed a promotional campaign for the Paul Rand exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Campaign captured the fun whimsical side of the famous american designer. Exhibition poster and book to be sold in the gift shop.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Exhibition Poster (18"x21")
  • Invitation and Envelope
  • Pole Banners
  • Exhibition Book
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter Header

The Process

After researching the designer, I concepted poster designs that merged his range of design styles while adding my own spin. Once, the poster and book cover design was done, I extended the visual identity to other promotional pieces.

The Paul Rand book is a graphical look at the life and career of, Paul Rand, one of the biggest influencers of twentieth-century American design.