design-speak-5Interviewed and designed a two-spread layout on, graphic and motion designer, Jacob Burghart from Brockton Creative Group. I designed the spreads with inspiration from his work while adding my own design elements. This project showcases my love of grids, color and character illustration. Since there was a lot of great visuals from the designer's commercials and animations, I strategically laid out my spreads using a grid that would adequately showcase those visuals. The grid and use of color helps connect both spreads. And since Jacob designs a lot of character illustration, I wanted to kick off the opening spread with a fullpage illustration of Jacob fighting off a bull. I designed the illustration in a similar tone to his Frankie Farelane's animation. My spread was selected to be included in Design Speak Volume 6. Design Speak is an annual publication comprised of interviews of professionals in the Graphic Design and Advertising industries.





See below to flip through Design Speak: Volume 6 to view all the interviews that made the book.