Envy Retail BagsThe Project

Envy, is a clothing boutique store targeted to young women interested in trendy and fashionable clothing. As part of a rebranding campaign, I redesigned the store’s logo and retail packaging. Envy's moto is to help young women stand out and be trendsetters in fashionable clothing. The new visual identity utilizes a simple yet versatile logo paired with eye catching patterns and color. The new retail bags also serve the function as advertisement for the store as it brings attention to the brand name and website. Lastly, I designed an online advertising campaign to promote their brand and specials that was targeted toward young women.


Envy Digital Ads

The Process

Since I was pretty far from the store's intended shopper, this design process involved a lot of consumer research. I spent a lot of time looking into their consumer base and researching their competitors. My initial concepts and color palette were all scrapped due to its youthful appeal. My original retail bag designs came off as a candy store or young girls store. The patterns I had originally used also didn't capture user's attention either. So I spent sometime studying a lot of textile/clothing patterns and concepting more ideas. After the additional research and concepting, I came upon a new color palette and patterns that stood out and had the more mature appeal I wanted. Since I was utilizing bold patterns, I kept the logo simple with a clean serif font that I tailored for the store. The balance between the bold and clean, simple elements of the branding reflect the store's approach to fashion clothing.

The Advertising Strategy

The goal of the advertising campaign was to increase sales by promoting their current promotions and increase brand awareness. I specifically utilized buzzwords such as “upstage” or “bold” in the ad copy to reflect the brand’s fashion forward tone. Since the target consumer spends a lot of time online and connected to social media, I proposed advertising digitally. Ads would strategically run on popular blogs and websites that appeal to the consumer.