How to Storyboard for Beginners Tutorial

March 17, 2023
1 min read
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In my how to storyboard for beginners tutorial, I walk through my process for sketching thumbnails in Procreate. Thumbnailing is a quick, rough sketching stage in storyboarding where you just want to try and get your ideas down on paper.

Throughout this tutorial, I walk through:

storyboarding for beginners

Initial sketching practices and how you can import and use a thumbnail template in Procreate to help with the thumbnailing process. I also walk through the importance of beginning the storyboarding process with rough sketches to help you establish the timeline or sequence of the story you want to bring to life. I also walk through pacing or the speed of action, which is determined by the number of storyboards reflecting points in the overall story. Lastly, I walk through how you can play with the composition of your storyboards to set up more interesting scenes.

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This storyboard for beginners tutorial, is an excerpt from my Storyboarding in Procreate: Beginners Guide to Drawing Storyboards class on Skillshare. Check out the class to learn more about storyboarding and get downloadable storyboard templates.

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