Kazoom is a fun children's beverage company with a focus on helping families live happy, healthy lives. Beverage flavors include Blue Raspberry, Kiwi, Cherry and Strawberry. The beverages have robust fruity flavors kids love with vitamins and limited sugar so parents can rest assured. The scope of the branding project included developing the identity/packaging, a monthly publication, a website and an interactive in-store kiosk. All of the Kazoom components, exemplify the company's belief in providing healthy products and fun resources parents can use.

Complete Deliverables:

  • Branding
  • Product Packaging
  • Retail Bag
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • eCommerce Website
  • Monthly Publication
  • Merchandizing Tshirts

Kazoom Drink Mixes


Kazoom Website


I designed a responsive website that encompasses all of the needs for the playful company. A blog component for parents who are looking for fun activities and healthy kid friendly recipes. An online retail space for convenient purchasing. And a game center for kids to play fun learning games. Kazoom is about helping parents maintain a happy, healthy family, and this website shows their fun and playful approach. Kazoom website prototype can be viewed here.


Interactive Kiosk Walkthrough

The Process

The creation of the product mascots was a fun exploration of character design. Each little monster was based on one of the fruit beverages. So I started the character design by sketching the different fruits and playing with giving them human elements. Once the branding was done I developed the product packaging and retail bag.

When it comes to children's products, the mascots really are the stars and this was exemplified in my use of the characters in the playful packaging design. Most of the product boxes have a front opening around the characters mouth that can be pulled to get the drink packets inside. And the retail bag utilized a transparent mouth as a fun way to showcase the products within.

A major obstacle for the digital components of the campaign was developing an effective user experience. I spent a lot of time testing the user experience and redesigning the user interface to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. The solution for this involved redesigning navigation elements and rearranging certain elements. Another big element was designing the website for a responsive environment. The final components were interactive pieces that were fun, informative and easy to use.