Procreate Dreams: Procreate Announces New Animation App

September 10, 2023
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Hey everyone! Like many Procreate animators, I’m super excited about Procreate’s new app Procreate Dreams, which was revealed yesterday. If you missed the announcement, no worries, I have a quick breakdown of the app and its features down below, as well as, a video walkthrough.

What is it?

Procreate Dreams is a new app designed to empower you with everything you need to create rich 2D animations, edit expressive videos, and tell breathtaking stories with audio. And, it begins with a familiar drawing experience based on Procreate, which allows you to use all of your favorite Procreate brushes as well as being able to import Procreate projects directly into the app.

Multi-Touch Timeline

The first feature we got to see during the announcement was the Multi-Touch timeline which allows you to use the Apple Pencil to group and move tracks around as well as using hand gestures to instantly zoom in and out of the timeline as well as helping you navigate to specific frames of the timeline. You also can zoom in on clips to just preview one part of an animation and zoom out to see more.

Procreate Dreams Multi Touch Timeline


Next, we got to see Performing in action, which allows you to record motion or effects through touch as the video plays.

Procreate Dreams Performing


You can also swipe down on the timeline to enable Flipbook mode which is similar to the Procreate animation experience and allows you to focus on drawing.

Procreate Dreams Flipbook

Video, Audio & Unlimited Undos

Next, we saw how the timeline would support layering and editing hundreds of audio and video tracks including ProRes footage. Procreate Dreams will also feature a familiar Actions menu with submenus for Motion, Live Filters, and Edit. All of these assets are bundled in Dream’s new file format which supports automatic saving, instant opening, and eternal history, which means unlimited undos.

Procreate Dreams Video Editing

Watch Hands On Walkthrough

And if you would like to see a hands-on look at Procreate Dreams and how it benefits illustrators and artists then check out fellow Skillshare teacher Lisa Bardot’s walkthrough. Lisa was able to get a test version ahead of the announcement and really highlighted all the fun features.

So let me know if you’re excited about the new app and if you would be interested in an animation class in Procreate Dreams.

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