Procreate Tutorial: Creating A Line Boil Animation

March 13, 2023
1 min read
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In this animation tutorial, I walk you through how to create wiggle text and character animations using the line boil animation technique in Procreate. Line boil animation is a visible wiggle of hand-drawn lines when frames of animations don't align perfectly. The wiggle animation effect is an easy way to add some eye-catching animation to your static drawings and text.

Tutorial Summary:

  • Walked through how to create a wiggle effect using frame by frame animation.
  • Created a wiggly text animation
  • Created a character animation

And this Procreate tutorial is just a small excerpt from my Skillshare class, Easy Animation With Procreate: Make Fun Gifs & Videos. In the class, I walk students through other fun animation techniques including Morphing Animation and Straight-Ahead Animation as well as provide some helpful exercises and examples. Join the full class on Skillshare to learn more fun 2D Animation techniques:

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