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Easy Animation in Procreate:
Create Fun Animated Gifs & Videos

Animation Classes

Fun With Procreate: Adding Animation To Social Media Photos

Storyboarding in Procreate: Beginner's Guide to Drawing Storyboards

3 Adobe After Effects Tricks You Need To Know For Animation

Procreate Animation: Animate a Personalized Holiday Greeting Card

Hand Drawn Animation: Create an Animated Gif in Adobe Photoshop

Animation in Photoshop Class Cover

Animation in Adobe Photoshop: Create a Social Video to Promote Your Brand

Audio Editing for Beginners in Adobe Photoshop

Illustration Classes

Character Illustration: 3 Techniques for Drawing Expressive Characters

Interior Sketching in Procreate: Drawing A Floor Plan Illustration

Interior Sketching: One Point Perspective Drawing in Procreate


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About Me

I'm a senior Art Director based in Kansas City with several years of experience working for advertising agencies that created motion projects ranging from Explainer Videos and Social Ads to Broadcast commercials. Therefore, I have experience in every phrase of the process from concepting and storyboarding to illustrating and animating videos. And as a teacher on Skillshare, I pull from all of that experience to teach students about illustration and motion design. 

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